Rich girl

11 Apr

Something happened that caused me to be rich beyond my wildest dreams. So rich I don’t have a clue about what to do with it.

I am like the old bag lady you read about in the local paper. The one known for carting around piles of rubbish. The one who died leaving millions of pounds to shocked distant relatives – a millionaire who chose to live the life of a pauper.

I have not money (in fact I have barely dented my student loan) but I have riches, priceless gifts that come with being a daughter of a King. When I became a Christian, an Heir of God I was declared a daughter, not a servant (Galatians 4:7)

I have a royal robe hidden under my bed in a box that I don’t wear and a jeweled crown in the cupboard wrapped in newspaper

I have inherited freedom, yet i’ve lived dangerously enslaved. I have inherited immeasurable worth, yet have suffered with self-hatred. I have inherited the closest friendship, yet have hidden from the world when things hurt.

I woke up at 4.00am last week with this message heavy on my heart. Maybe it’s God waking me up, breaking my heart again to the reality that so many of us aren’t living in our inheritance  (see my post on being numb) .  We aren’t living the lives that Jesus died on the cross for. We are beloved children of God yet we choose to live like strangers – clumsily attempting to manage our own destinies.

I have been daydreaming as to what our lives could look like if we lived in our inheritance more… grab a cup of tea and dream with me.

We would value ourselves, we would not be lumbered with false guilt, fear or loneliness. We would have an entirely new zest for live, a new zest for sharing the gospel with others. What’s more, we would sense a new Godly urgency to see people freed through living in all that God has for them.

When we begin to look through eyes of grace, we forgive more and love more. We find more capacity for patience and kindness and find a joy that extends beyond circumstance. In fact, our very being would bring glory to, and point to God.

Yes let’s dream for a moment. But don’t leave it there – start claiming it as your reality. This is what Easter is about. This is what Jesus died for – that we would become Children of a living God, joint heirs with Christ. It’s not there for daydreaming, it’s  there for taking, there for the living.

So challenge you to pray. Ask God what this means for you. Ask the holy spirit to point out areas of your life in which you need to start walking in your inheritance.  Then..

Dust off your crown

Dig out your robe

And see what happens.



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