It doesn’t have the same ring to it…

30 Sep

Life gets called many things.

A rollercoaster
A test
Too short
A race
Preparation for eternity

We often see life as a series of hills and valleys. If we are on the hilltop, we can almost be sure that a valley is about to follow. The tantalising height at the top of the rollercoaster with the amazing views, has to give way to that out of control, stomach churning dip – no matter how long you dangle over the tip.

Yes life can be like that

It’s true that my clearest memories are generally those in which I was either blissfully happy or feeling painfully low.  There was the heart breaking death of my sister (when I discovered at 10 years old that heart ache…actually aches), and that priceless moment I walked down the aisle surrounded by the people I loved most in the world.

But I want to challenge Ronan Keating’s beloved Rollercoaster metaphor…
Because – it’s very black and white. I don’t want to spend my life not fully enjoying the ups because I’m fearing the inevitable downs. It means we are resigned to one of three status’ –
On our way
No. I’m going to say that life is like a railway track.
Well let me explain myself.
I had a mini epiphany when reading an interview with the hugely famous author of ‘Purpose Driven Life’ Rick Warren. He was talking about how he had the best and worst year of his life – in one.

He sees life as a railway track. The good and bad happening in tandem – twisting and turning as there are sometimes more of one than the other.

You see, I believe that even through the rubbish, painful, deeply hurting times in our lives – there are good things too. I’m not talking about the pithy idea that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, but the ability to laugh at and recognise the good things even though you are going through a tough time.

Whilst my sister was in the last stages of life – we still laughed and smiled. Real laughter – not the pretend type you did in the playground when you fell over and all you wanted to do was cry. Because in the messy places you can still spot the beauty.

In the valleys there are flowers

Even the dark caves hide stunning gems and crystals

So, that is my challenge for the day. And if you are going through a particularly tough time – or even a tough day (because every day may not be good – but there’s something good in every day)  make a list of your blessings! Literally. Go on – do it! Because sometimes, yes they get a little darkened in the shadows, but they are still there.

Treasures in the darkness

So, sing THAT Ronan!


2 Responses to “It doesn’t have the same ring to it…”

  1. DaPoet October 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    My condolences on the loss of your sister…

    This entry really hit home for me this morning when I read it before going off to work. For two reasons first like my Maternal Grandmother who suffered from depression and literally wanted to die {especially after my Grandfather passed away} every single day until her own death. I wake up every morning feeling the same way yet unlike my Grandmother I have learned to live with this feeling and fight every day to live. It is a constant struggle and it is my writing that keeps me focused on living on those days that I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…Because even though I can’t see the light I know that it is there.

    The second reason is that this thanksgiving holiday is the seventh anniversary of my youngest brothers death…The circumstances of which not only caused a riff between myself and our mother but his daughter as well that has proven very difficult to overcome.

    I have learned to live with it but it has been extremely difficult. Anyway great article and I hope to read many more in the future here on your blog.

    The Light Flickers Still

    Deep inside my heart
    there is a darkness
    over shadowing my soul
    prevents me from
    seeing the light at the end
    of the tunnel through
    which the train I’m riding
    travels at high speed
    yet even though the light
    upon the dark walls
    my eyes can’t see dancing
    within my mind I
    know that it flickers still
    that out of the
    valley of the shadow of death
    back again into the
    sunlight the train I’m riding
    will burst at last
    as it carries me ever onward
    towards my ultimate
    destination -the sun set-
    located far away
    at the end of the line

    Copyright David M. Green October 1, 2010

    • Rowland Jones October 13, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

      Hmm… as a non bearded, non Greek person clearly I am not a philosopher, but it is all a bit confusing…. life that is. Currently reading: ‘The Age of Absurdity -why modern life makes it hard to be happy’ by Michael Foley. One of the things that comes out early one, is the idea that pursuing happiness, by definition will not make you happy: if you are that ‘aware’ you’re not going to be happy. Which makes me wonder why I’m reading it and why he wrote it?!! but it is interesting. I always envied dogs….carrying a stick? a sublime experience; chasing a ball? heaven on earth.
      Us we’re angst ridden … but what the hell there’s always alcohol… in moderation, of course.


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