Let’s pretend

19 Sep
The crunch of autumn leaves underfoot
I feel like a child
Let’s go into the garden
And play.
Throw armfuls of
Leafy confetti
Into fresh country air.
A winter wedding
An autumn snowstorm
Pass me my green wellies
Caked in muddy memories,
Help me find a sturdy branch
A ‘walking stick’
An explorers pole
Hold my hand.
Tell me stories of squirrels
That throw nuts
From trees
On unsuspecting passers by,
And hibernating doormice
Who curl under robes of leaves
Awakening when dew no longer threatens
Take me through familiar fields,
Past the stables and down
Into thick woods
Where our roads are
Hardened mud tracks
Cloaked in crunching
Carpets of brown
And burnt orange
Let’s climb stiles
Get stuck in mud
And laugh until our sides ache
Cows looking on
As we offer gloved hands
To pull each other out
We can meander home
When our legs ache
Or our noses turn Rudolph red,
To eat eggs and toast
In front of the spitting fire
As we watch flames dance
And lively coals jump
Onto the stone hearth
But here
The streets of London offer
Crunching leaves
Under work shoes and suited legs
Grown-up responsibilities
And laughter
Of course
But lacking that
Carefree tone
So Mum
May we come home
For a weekend
Leave our grown-up lives
Put on muddy wellies
And pretend

2 Responses to “Let’s pretend”

  1. Layla September 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    That’s beautiful!! So touching – made me feel all warm & gooey inside 😀 xx

  2. Jackie September 19, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    I can really identify with this! My Mum and I used to put on wellies and go ‘swishing’ – i.e. walking down the street kicking all the leaves out of our way. I loved it. I’m really enjoying your musings, keep it up : ) xxx

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