Maybe I shouldn’t have looked

14 Sep

I sat opposite a man on the train home last night. I looked at him.

Living in London, you get used to not looking people in the eyes. It’s a shame how I can share a carriage with someone, yet retract into my own little bubble – my paper, my iphone, my music, and get off – not having taken a second to look and think about those around me. To recognise them, acknowledge them. Sometimes I wonder if I could sit opposite a friend and not even know.

Anyway, last night I took a second to look at this man, in his suit, with his big briefcase. Hiding under his hat. And I saw these big, sad eyes.

A person.
A story.
A history.
You hold so much
Under that ‘travelling face’.
Journeying with me
The equally unknown.
Yet we share a space
A stare maybe.
So I glance.
Your eyes are sad.
You purse your lips
And lie back in your hat.
A mystery.
What are your dreams
Your thoughts
And hurts?
Who knows you.
Really knows you.
What do you want with this life?
Are you mad at what it’s offered.
You have gone.
Home perhaps.
I imagine you stepping slowly
Slouched with those sad eyes
Who are you
Travelling man?
As unknown to me
As I am to you.
We shared the space
On this train.
A moment.
A few stops.
But your eyes,
Heavy and softly glazed,
With what I imagine as
Unshed tears.
Will stay with me a while.


One Response to “Maybe I shouldn’t have looked”

  1. Layla September 14, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    You’re so creative, so arty! I love it! Makes fab reading sat relaxing with a cup of tea 🙂

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