365 Days and a pen

12 Sep

Me at my desk

So here I am. Anna. A 25 year old… I was going to put my occupation but to be honest I don’t know quite how to define that right now! I know what I was – a successful account executive (and very frustrated copywriter) in a London advertising agency. Many people’s idea of a dream job. I hated it so I left.

So now? I’m a soon-to-be-psychotherapy-student, a young wife, a God lover, a good friend. I’m a temporary worker who is not ashamed of working on reception or a switchboard despite my degree and my aspirations. It gives me space to do the things that make me vibrant,  that allow me to be more ‘Anna’. To write, to think, to study, to talk… and maybe to start a second book.

So right now, at a desk in Covent Garden, I make the tentative steps of writing my first post..


One Response to “365 Days and a pen”

  1. thebakeescape September 14, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    First comment! Yay for starting a blog – they’re addictive watch out hehe. I look forward to keeping track of it over the coming months. I can bake cakes…and you can write beatiful poetry about cakes 😉

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